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For over 30 years, Art by God has developed into one of the largest retailers of nature products and wildlife items for sale, from domestic and exotic animal mounts and products, to a wide collection of fossils, amazing rough and polished rocks and minerals, and unique art and sculptures from all over the world. From one-of-a-kind artifacts from the Mayan civilization to art and pottery made by the Tiahuanacu civilization in South America today, to amazing rock specimens for lapidary work and cutting and polishing, we offer these items for sale for your appreciation, craft and education. Our goal is to provide entertaining, thought-provoking products and artifacts that will educate and grow one’s curiosity and appreciation of nature and Earth's creations.

Browse our inventory to see a collection of unique nature products, one of a kind art and sculptures, fossils, rocks and minerals for lapidary and collecting, all for sale at great prices! We also carry a fine collection of jewelry and home decor items made from nature's products. Visit one of our retail locations or browse our online retail catalog! Contact us if you have any questions, we'd love to help!

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